Established 2018 with the commercialisation of attire alongside the contribution of photos to several projects hel.design became an advocate for aesthetic.


Founded in the heart of the Alps, hel.design is now located in the northernmost part of Europe.

hel.design offers a broad portfolio of services, such as:

Holsitic web presence - design and installation of your online identity: a webpage/-shop with all the details necessairy if you dont already have them at hand (such as logo design, product media, texting). We can even create your social media profiles and equip you with a set of content, as well as a solid training session for you.

Capturing the moment - photography and installations are our passion: we offer photography series, installations for faires and exhibitions as well as extravagant interior design. We are especially expirenced in creating playful environments for tech companies.

Draping curves - carefully selected fabrics and garments that last: practical can be beautiful, we strongely believe in that. Therefor we regularly drag together exquisite fabrics and create feminine attire of useful patterns that are at least adjusted to the owners measurements.